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Maximising manufacturing output

A simple question we like to ask is, ‘If you could build more machines faster and better, could you sell them?

The financial impact of revenue growth eclipses the singular focus on cost reduction to increase company profitability. For example, if a machine builder produces 10 machines per month selling at £200k each with an average profit of 10%, the impact of being able to scale up to build 12 machines a month could generate nearly half a million pounds of additional profit each year.

It is scenarios such as this that well-considered strategic outsourcing partnerships unlock. Strategic outsourcing is without doubt a method that, when utilised correctly, can significantly improve the productivity (£ sales per capita) of an organisation.

You will need to consider whether an outsourcing partner can actually do an even better job than you can. They will need the expertise, people, skills and plant and automation to improve the existing production process, boost the quality of your machines and help in the development of designs in the future.

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Case Studies on strategic outsourcing

Mazak UK

As the years have gone by, the relationship between the two businesses has become more interlinked, with PP C&A increasingly being asked to be involved in the design stage of new machine builds.

Maximising manufacturing output » mazak » PP Control & Automation

Ishida: Strategic outsourcing partnership

Watch how Ishida realised their growth potential by making outsourcing part of their manufacturing strategy.

Collected publications & case studies (2019-2020)

PP Control & Automation has had the opportunity to publish a variety of articles in the UK’s leading journals for the manufacturing industries.

A B Graphic International Ltd

During the design engineering discussions, it quickly became apparent that a more value-added design would be beneficial, allowing for a modular, configurable and pre-wired (Plug & play) style solution with significant benefit.

Maximising manufacturing output » ABG Logo mini » PP Control & Automation


Inventor-e was established in 2001 as a technology business to provide point-of-use solutions to industrial manufacturers and the facilities management markets.

Maximising manufacturing output » Inventor e logo business card mini » PP Control & Automation

Fullwood Packo

A huge surge in demand for the latest machines within the dairy industry means that Fullwood Packo has enjoyed particular success with its M2erlin robotic milking systems.

Maximising manufacturing output » fullwood packo logo » PP Control & Automation

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