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PP C&A 3D process: A free guide for machine builders & OEMs considering outsourcing

Take your first steps to realising growth potential by making outsourcing part of your manufacturing strategy. This guide details every stage of the outsourcing procedure.

We call it the 3D process.

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What is the 3D process?

Through a combination of extensive engineering and production capabilities, PP Control & Automation design an outsourcing solution that delivers based on your specified requirements and strategies.

It is worth noting however, that there should always be a process of consideration when selecting the right outsourcing partner and understanding how that partner delivers against your requirements.

That’s why PP C&A introduced the 3D process. It clearly defines the whole journey into three specific stages: Discovery, Decision, Delivery.

This guide advises in detail on each of those stages.


During this stage, you will need to think about your growth constraints, which could be a number of things:


You may have decided that outsourcing is the right choice for you, but how do you decide on the right partner?

This is the decision stage and there are a number of considerations that mustn’t be ignored when making your choice. How do you choose the right partner?

Here are some things to consider about your outsourcing partner:


The final stage of the 3D process is Delivery – in other words, “what is delivered and when” once the decision is made to outsource.

This part of the process will differ depending on your chosen partner, but PP C&A’s approach is a stage-gate flow of nine segments:

  1. Scope out and agree on the deliverables of the partnership
  2. Establish a steering team
  3. Create a detailed project plan (Measures & timeline)
  4. Identify and manage risks
  5. Review all supply chain opportunities
  6. Agree production engineering opportunities
  7. Work through relevant NPI, pre-production and production volume strategies and timelines
  8. Measure deliverables against original objectives to ensure success
  9. Agree continuous improvement opportunities

Download for full and informative guidance on the outsourcing procedure

An increasing number of OEMs are choosing strategic outsourcing as part of an overall production and supply chain strategy.

Partnering with a strategic outsourcing specialist allows you to delegate non-core activities and gain the bandwidth you need to focus on your own core business competencies: product innovation, research & development and sales & marketing to name but a few.

Your focus is on growing sales revenue and market share. PP C&A share this focus with you. By working together in a collaborative manner, strategies that deliver measurable success will be developed for you.

A comprehensive outsourcing solution is a strategic enabler to growth and success.

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    Realise your growth potential by making outsourcing part of your manufacturing strategy.

    At PP C&A, we never assume that a solution for one customer will work for another, because every customer is unique. That is why we will never try to simply sell you an ‘off the shelf solution’.

    We believe in meeting you, listening and understanding your needs first. If you are considering outsourcing for the first time or you wish to review your current outsourcing strategies, we would welcome the opportunity for discussion

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