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PP Control & Automation is an award-winning provider of strategic outsourcing solutions to many of the most successful and respected machinery builders worldwide.

The PP C&A approach to manufacturing starts with understanding the ‘business pain’ that may be causing blockages to growth for machinery builders and OEMs, through anything from people and space to production lead times and supply chain disruptions. PP C&A alleviate those pains by building relationships, strategies and manufacturing solutions that break down barriers and unlock your growth potential.

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Combine engineering capabilities. Create the optimum solution

Through a combination of its extensive engineering and production capabilities, PP C&A design an outsourcing solution that delivers based on a client’s very specific requirements, alleviating pain points that have become constraints to growth. Such a solution could be module or assembly based, part or full machine build – whichever provides the optimum solution.

PP C&A… It’s how you successfully outsource your machine build

The outsourcing strategies devised by PP C&A are helping machine builders and OEMs to maximise manufacturing output, reduce lead times and time to market, mitigate risk, adapt to peaks and troughs in demand, and improve cash flow.

The case studies shared here provide evidence based stories of true manufacturing collaboration, benefit, and growth.

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Stories from inside the organisation

A Sharing in Growth story

Over 18 months ago, PP Control & Automation became the latest manufacturer to be selected for the Sharing in Growth (SiG) transformation programme. This new collaboration would act as a catalyst for further improvement.

Autumn Statement commentary

CEO, Tony Hague was invited to add commentary to a Daily Express feature responding to Jeremy Hunt’s Autumn Statement on Friday.

PP+ navigates the approvals maze and helps bring new products to new territories

Navigating the maze of approvals is one that you really don’t want to be attempting alone. PP+ Growth Module Partner, Product Approvals Ltd is a specialist consultancy and testing solutions company.

Hedinn fishing for efficiencies as PP C&A helps it deliver €11m deal

PP Control & Automation is celebrating a fifth birthday of supplying the fishing sector in style by supporting an €11m project.

Sophie’s electric as PP C&A engineer wins major Engineering & Manufacturing Apprenticeship Award

A female electrical engineer, who has already delivered a £1m plus new product introduction, was named as the Black Country’s best Engineering & Manufacturing apprentice on the evening of Thursday 3rd November.

Gen-Zeal: The eager desire of a new generation of engineers

From where to invest large sums of money, to which market sectors to target, young engineers face the ‘difficult’ work life questions.

PP+ acts as single access to every engineering design discipline imaginable

The PP+ outsourcing model gives access to several ‘Growth Module Partners’ that sit within the realms of industrial design and offer a luxury of different design disciplines.

Joanna Gould on how a volatile landscape has redefined the buyer role

Buyers are using their experience to navigate an extreme landscape of supply chain volatility whilst also mastering the art of customer service.

Resilience: a book about breaking the cycle of supply chain disruption | Free download

This book details not just the supply chain disruption at play, but also the opportunity to break the cycle and take back control.

The answer to your supply chain disruption could lie just outside the box

There is no magic ticket out of the supply chain mess, but it is a time when businesses with the ability to think outside the box can find opportunities, stand better ground and be better prepared when disruption eventually lifts.

50 vacancies available at MAN Group due to reshoring contracts

The MAN Group is embarking on a major recruitment drive after a string of reshoring wins and new breakthroughs in electrification technology.

The PP+ ecosystem responds at speed to the wishes of KPM

Within weeks, KPM is already reaping the rewards of the PP+ ecosystem of specialist Growth Module Partners.

PP C&A launches ‘resource centre’ for machine builders and technology disruptors

Machinery builders and companies looking to bring new technologies to market are set to benefit from a new resource centre being launched by PP Control & Automation.

Scott’s top 5 continuous improvement moments

Scott Ward reflects on close to 10 years of involvement in the continuous improvement department and selects five of his personal favourite moments.

Reuters feature | Made in Britain: Broken supply lines drive manufacturing back home

After two years of global supply-chain disruption, and with dark clouds on the horizon, manufacturers around Britain’s second city of Birmingham say they are inundated with orders, helped by new and old domestic clients bringing some production back home.

Award winning facility

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Making outsourcing easy

We believe in meeting you, listening and understanding your needs first and foremost. If you are considering outsourcing for the first time or you wish to review your current outsourcing strategies, we would welcome the opportunity for discussion.


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