Case Study: Hedinn

“PP C&A handles the entire electrical panel building process, as well as supply chain management of all the components, external sensors and other electrical parts.”

Steinar Rúnarsson, Senior Electrical Engineer, Hedinn

Fishing for efficiencies

PP Control & Automation’s first foray into the fishery sector took place in 2017 when it signed a deal to help one of the sector’s key suppliers install a new protein plant.

Five years on and the relationship with Hedinn has blossomed, with the two companies now engaged on their 13th project together and the largest yet, construction of a new plant for Sildarvinnslan that is capable of 380 tonnes of raw material every day.

Demand for the firm’s technology is growing by the month, with processors keen to make fishmeal and fish oil production at sea and on land more economical and profitable than conventional processes.

The scenario

Back in 2017, Hedinn’s existing electrical cabinet builder was preoccupied servicing existing plans and, with orders beginning to escalate, the management team recognised there was a genuine need for an additional supplier.

After a global search, PP C&A’s proven track record in strategic outsourcing and connectivity presented the best possible solution and the two companies signed a deal to work on the construction of the HPPm-4000.

It was quickly decided that the build of the advanced control and automation systems would be completed at the world class factory in the UK. This would give the relationship the chance to scale quickly as dedicated cells and teams were designed with expansion firmly in mind.

There was also a genuine requirement for the manufacturing partner to have significant experience and capabilities in UL508a, essential if Hedinn was going to export future protein plants to the North American marketplace.

Hedinn » DSCI0689 edit » PP Control & Automation

The PP C&A difference

Since the first project, PP Control & Automation has helped produce the HPPm-2000, HPP-5000, HPPsh-300 and HPP-15000, a mixture of land and at sea solutions for using 100% of fish waste and offal to produce high quality protein meal and oil for animal feed.

The partnership has evolved so that Hedinn can importantly focus more of its time and resource on the design and development of its plants, as well as providing a quality service to its growing legion of global customers.

“PP C&A handles the entire electrical panel building process, as well as supply chain management of all the components, external sensors and other electrical parts,” explained Steinar Rúnarsson, Senior Electrical Engineer at Hedinn.

“In addition, the UK manufacturer’s engineering team offers exceptional assistance during the manufacturing preparation phase, providing critical feedback to enhance the build and structure of the data packages.

“This means we are able to eliminate costs out of production, as well as reducing lead times by between 15% to 20% – an invaluable offer to clients who are desperate to enjoy the financial and environmental benefits of our technology.”

Tony Hague, CEO of PP Control & Automation, picked up the story:

“Hedinn represents our first involvement in the fishing industry and underlines how a lot of the values of strategic outsourcing transcend all sectors.
“By working with a specialist, we have given it access to skill, capability and capacity, which, in turn, has led to faster builds, improved product quality and the ability to cost-effectively scale.”

He added: “As the relationship has developed, we have also collaborated to look at standardising some of the manufacturing processes across all its different protein plants. This can only be done so far, but we have certainly reached a stage where increases in volumes can be easily met.”

The Results

Hedinn, which employs 120 people and has a group turnover of approximately €30m, made the decision in January this year to create HPP Solutions, a standalone business to help drive its HPP division.

The technology here utilises significantly less energy than existing traditional methods, is 30% more compact and has 30% fewer components. Importantly, it also offers the dual benefits of increased profitability and greener environmental performance, attributes very much in demand from the fishing industry.

Thanks to the strength of the outsourcing partnership, the Icelandic company has just won its largest ever project for Sildarvinnslan, Iceland’s biggest fishmeal and fish oil producer.

The €11million deal has seen Hedinn work with PP Control & Automation to build two HPP-10000s that will be capable of delivering a daily capacity of 380 tonnes of raw material, supporting the customer’s desire to reduce energy consumption whilst maintaining an efficient operating facility during the herring and mackerel seasons.

Ragnar Sverrison, Managing Director of Hedinn, added his support:

“This is a major project for our business and one we can deliver on time and to budget thanks to our team of experts and the support we receive from PP C&A.

“As a strategic partner, it has access to our whole electrical package, which means it holds a comprehensive understanding of the requirements for each build and any customisation that needs to be incorporated. The workmanship is second to none and wiring faults are virtually non-existent, which gives us great confidence and a significant commercial advantage.”

PP C&A will be responsible for the complete electrical build on the dual HPP-10000s, including sensors, prefabricated cables, junction boxes and I/O cabinets, labels for sensors and motors and motor isolator switches. Efficient supply chain management has meant that global disruption has not been felt on this project as badly as it may have done, with Hedinn due to complete installation in the coming months.

Hedinn » DJI 0070 » PP Control & Automation

Pétur Jakob Pétursson, Sales and Marketing Director, said:

“Businesses are searching for ways to become more profitable and environmentally friendly by maximising the use of their raw materials, reducing the cost of operations through energy conservation and reducing the number of employees required.

“The Hedinn Protein Plant can respond to these requests for greener practices, not just from an environmental and monetary standpoint, but also for the benefit of our consumers. It’s not just relevant to the fishing industry but could also be used in the poultry and meat industries.”

Tony Hague concluded:

“It’s great news that we can celebrate 5 years of working together by supporting Hedinn with such a landmark project. Everything is in place in the UK to scale volumes as interest in the technology will grow – a real UK/Icelandic success story!”

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