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Transport and Infrastructure

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A wide range of machinery is required to meet the demands of the transport and infrastructure industry both now and throughout its future development. Benchmarks for performance measurement are important in maximising machine up-time and productivity to realise the highest possible margins and to keep road vehicles, trains and the systems to support them running.

Future development in areas such as ‘electrification’ is accelerating and the infrastructure to support it is an equally important facet of the incentive. The drive towards better mobility, interconnected facilities and impact on the environment requires new technology and automated systems designed to safely and conveniently improve everyday lives.

Industrial Technology

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In the rise of industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT), the development of manufacturing efficiencies aimed at making production faster and simpler is now more relevant than ever.

Adapting to an interconnected world requires an understanding of new technology and machine build. It should also encourage new business structures, cultures and continuous improvement philosophies. Planning and designing manufacturing processes around digitalisation is essential in achieving profitable productivity.

Defence and Aerospace

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The defence and aerospace industry is a huge market for machinery, innovation and growth. Manufacturers are often increasing production to accommodate growing military vehicle/equipment and aircraft demand.

Strengthening the supply chain and ensuring effective program management, the use of advanced technologies and managing all of the above to enhance productivity and efficiency is ongoing. The same industry ethos is true for the ability to design, build and support complex systems, as well as specialised skills that are the source of innovative ideas.

Printing and Packaging

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Innovation in printing has never been greater, with the growth of digital technology replacing much of the traditional processes, moving through low volume specialist markets to higher volumes, offering increased volume flexibility and special finishes are key. Similarly, many other markets, including packaging have been revolutionised.

Value-added solutions are realised by applying the latest technology to target very specific problems, allowing machinery to run at optimum capacity with the minimum of downtime. Printing, labelling and converting equipment, alongside specialist machinery for inspection requirements, shrink wrapping and feeding/separation systems are typical of the automated machines built for both the printing and packaging industries.

Food and Beverage

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Perpetually high product quality, plant availability and optimum machine efficiency are vital considerations for the food and beverage industry. The requirements for a vast multitude of varying machine builds within the industry relies on bespoke solutions for very specific needs, where control & automation design is critical.

From meat and poultry processing, dairy machinery to the equipment used for bottling & canning, fruit and vegetables, baked goods and snacks – every machine is based on specific and stringent quality requirements.

Power Generation

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Utilities, industries and communities around the world rely on the ability to generate reliable and efficient power 24/7. The industry needs to be the forerunner in environmentally-friendly solutions with optimum efficiency in its machinery and equipment. Ensuring safe, efficient and profitable operation of all kinds of energy generation and electrical power distribution is key for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

In an operating environment, the industry is striving for the most innovative efficiency improvements, which is often realised in the planning and design of a plant’s central control panel. The plant’s electrical systems, and the electrical balance of plant (EBoP) are critical considerations. Conventional facilities use as much as 7% of total electrical output to operate plant electrical systems, which will power every motor, pump, fan and auxiliary system.

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