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Managing risk

This is a major consideration and almost a sum total of other benefits. We live in turbulent times and the manufacturing community must find ways of mitigating risks associated with markets that can grow and decline, often swiftly and without warning.

Managing growth is a nice problem to have in theory but recruiting additional skilled resource can be a constraint and bringing in expensive and often unreliable sub-contract labour carries its own risk.

The perfect antidote to risk and the uncertainty that many manufacturers are facing is strategic outsourcing.

With political and economic decisions, the knock-on effect these can have on businesses cannot be understated. The impact these decisions can have on trade can be both dangerous and profitable, but that is what risk is all about.

This uncertainty is certainly transmitting itself into the world of manufacturing, as manufacturers are looking carefully at how they balance short-term term pain with the medium and longer-term picture. It is no surprise that an increasing number of companies are looking to mitigate their risk.

Placing this risk with a strategic outsourcing partner is a viable way of avoiding ‘Russian roulette’ when it comes to the future of your business.

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The desire to automate warehouse operations was in full swing before the pandemic but covid has forced the situation from ‘good to have’ to ‘must have’ to allow OEMs to sustain long-term.

Take your first steps to realising growth potential by making outsourcing part of your manufacturing strategy. This guide details every stage of the outsourcing procedure.

PP Control & Automation has been working with the global machine tool builder for more than 27 years and the latest partnership has seen it play a key role in the design and production of the new CV5-500.

Author: Tony Hague, CEO | Date: March 23rd 2020   After the dust had settled on the general election and GDP figures were revealed, I commented on how UK businesses needed to be bold and brave in how they now target international markets. It was a response to stalled growth …

The time has come for UK manufacturing to be ‘bold and brave’ in the way it targets international opportunities according to the boss of a strategic manufacturing outsourcing specialist. PP Control & Automation’s Tony Hague made the rallying call after GDP figures revealed that growth in the economy had stalled …

Tony Hague, CEO of PP Control & Automation, explains why strategic outsourcing offers the perfect antidote to risk and the uncertain times manufacturers are increasingly facing. We are currently living in what many media commentators are calling ‘unprecedented times’ and it’s difficult to argue with that notion, especially when it …

The electronics industry is rapidly evolving and in the world of Contract Electronic Manufacturing, the need to consistently ‘add value’ and build ‘long term partnerships’ are phrases that are often declared but seldom delivered. The question that commonly arises is “Why do CEMs often get it wrong when supporting Box …

Machine builders and OEMs will likely have considered outsourcing at some point, or have implemented an outsourcing strategy for their manufacturing operation. There’s nothing new in the decision to outsource, but there is a clear distinction between the types of outsourcing undertaken and the business benefits that materialise for each. …

When considering the benefits of strategic outsourcing, the obvious and clearly significant areas of focus tend to be directly linked to an organisation’s need to grow sales revenue and market share by increasing production capacity, creating flexibility within the manufacturing process and reducing lead times, both internally and for the …

Theresa May’s Brexit deal has now been rejected twice by MPs and they have voted against leaving the EU without a deal. The latest is a vote in favour of a delay, which doesn’t do much to help manufacturers as they attempt to plan for any scenario. Theresa May predicts …

In an informative interview, PP Control & Automation CEO Tony Hague discusses ways in which manufacturers can find opportunity in uncertain times. With Brexit looming and the outcome remaining unpredictable, OEMs are turning to strategic outsourcing as part of their overall production and supply chain strategy, managing potential risks and even getting a competitive edge in their business.

Case studies on strategic outsourcing

Jenton Group

A new manufacturing partnership between PP Control & Automation and Jenton Group has created the capacity to build new UV technology in volumes that could help protect us from Covid-19 in indoor spaces.

Managing risk » 4 by 6 Jenton Logo mini » PP Control & Automation

Mazak UK

As the years have gone by, the relationship between the two businesses has become more interlinked, with PP C&A increasingly being asked to be involved in the design stage of new machine builds.

Managing risk » mazak » PP Control & Automation

Ishida: Strategic outsourcing partnership

Watch how Ishida realised their growth potential by making outsourcing part of their manufacturing strategy.

Managing risk » ishida cs mini logo » PP Control & Automation

Collected publications & case studies (2019-2020)

PP Control & Automation has had the opportunity to publish a variety of articles in the UK’s leading journals for the manufacturing industries.

A B Graphic International Ltd

During the design engineering discussions, it quickly became apparent that a more value-added design would be beneficial, allowing for a modular, configurable and pre-wired (Plug & play) style solution with significant benefit.

Managing risk » ABG Logo mini » PP Control & Automation


Inventor-e was established in 2001 as a technology business to provide point-of-use solutions to industrial manufacturers and the facilities management markets.

Managing risk » Inventor e logo business card mini » PP Control & Automation

Fullwood Packo

A huge surge in demand for the latest machines within the dairy industry means that Fullwood Packo has enjoyed particular success with its M2erlin robotic milking systems.

Managing risk » fullwood packo logo » PP Control & Automation

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