6th October 2022

PP+ acts as single access to every engineering design discipline imaginable

PP+ acts as single access to every engineering design discipline imaginable » PP Blog banners PP oes » PP Control & Automation

The PP+ outsourcing model gives access to several ‘Growth Module Partners’ that sit within the realms of industrial design and offer a luxury of different design disciplines.

Together, these disciplines can combine and support several requirements, from feasibility studies and design specifications to complex electronics design and design for improved manufacturability.

Fellow Manufacturing Assembly Network member and industrial design agency, Grove Design has been a close collaborator for several years and is one such partner. Similarly, PP Control & Automation (PP C&A) holds long-term ties to InControl Systems Ltd., an advanced process automation and industrial control systems integrator.

Both Grove and InControl recently featured in a collection of key technical partner case studies. This collection can be downloaded directly or added to a resource pack of your making.

PP+ acts as single access to every engineering design discipline imaginable » Key Supplier Partnerships Spread 2 » PP Control & Automation

The collection is well worth your time if you’re interested in how refining machine and equipment designs can significantly speed up assembly, or how design optimisation can drive cost reductions and production efficiencies. Or how standardisation can be implemented to futureproof the design of a machine and how design can enable machines for operation in a future digital roadmap.

Adding to this pool of design resource and the most recent partner to join the PP+ initiative is OES, a trusted advisor to companies and OEMs in search of Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) to achieve a trailblazing vision or develop mission-critical solutions.

Founded in 1980, OES followed a simple strategic vision that quickly proved successful; connect with emerging companies with market growth opportunities and fill their need for a technology partner that can design, produce, and support innovative solutions that exceeded expectations and business goals.

Introducing OES

It was a strategy that created limitless opportunities for diversity and OES quickly became involved in projects that included electrical engineering as well as assembly, installation, and service for solutions in various industrial markets. As OES evolved and engaged with customers around the world, it applied its expertise to designing innovative electronic and technology applications, where its growth enabling and problem-solving reputation led to the creation of three divisions: OES Manufacturing, OES Scoreboards and OES Technologies.

With headquarters in London, and Ontario, Canada, OES operates within 50,000 ft² of engineering and manufacturing space, and with a clear vision to accelerate innovative products to market faster. This speed to market is achieved through superior electronic design, rapid prototyping services, and world-class manufacturing.

OES is a specialist in several sought-after disciplines, including system design, schematic layouts, PCB layout, production, testing, and certification, with expertise in software and app development, embedded firmware, and prototyping. OES is uniquely positioned as a Design for Excellence (DFX) expert, encompassing Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and Design for Testing (DFT).

PP+ acts as single access to every engineering design discipline imaginable » Screenshot 2022 09 15 at 08.03.03 » PP Control & Automation

OES core principles put to the covid test

No time was more speed critical than during the Covid pandemic and machine and equipment manufacturers all over the world were put under immense pressures to innovate and design systems to fightback against a new global threat.

Back in April 2020 and after several discussions with manufacturing consortiums across the UK, PP C&A was appointed to support the production of vital parts for use in ventilators. Working with one of its customers, more than 25,000 electrical harnesses for use by the VentilatorChallengeUK were produced, with assemblies being delivered daily to keep up with demand.

At the same time in Canada, similar initiatives were gaining momentum. Kontrol Technologies, an established leader in ‘safe space technologies’ received approval for an initial government grant of $50,000 from the National Research Council of Canada to accelerate its new COVID-19 testing technology, the Kontrol BioCloud® analyser.

BioCloud® is a real-time analyser designed to detect airborne pathogens. It has been designed to operate as a safe space technology by promoting air circulation, monitoring the air quality, and sampling continuously for pathogens like viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

BioCloud® combines a proprietary detection chamber with an advanced air sampling process. The air sampling system draws air in and optimises it for analysis. Each BioCloud® is a self-contained analyser that requires no additional laboratory tests or movement of samples.

OES were identified as the perfect partner to help bring BioCloud® to market quickly and were instrumental in moving from prototype to field units, then to manufacturing product in a short period of time.

When first consulted, OES was presented with a great idea but a concept that at the time needed a rethink around scale – the current unit was too large for everyday use. OES got to work on refining the unit and took care of mechanical design, firmware, plumbing and circuit board design for an improved BioCloud®.

OES operated as part of the BioCloud® manufacturing team, alongside Danby, a world leader of refrigeration and specialty appliance products. In addition to utilising design expertise, the strategic partnership saw OES handle global supply chain, project engineering and production of the electronic components. Danby focussed on final assembly and scaling production as demand inevitably rose.

Customers often approach OES with demanding timelines, technical challenges and with products that have never been manufactured in volume before, and the OES focus has always been centred on rapid prototype development through product launch and initial manufacturing of the technology. To deliver under stringent circumstances and speed to market pressures, OES combine several key associated disciplines. Disciplines that were key to the BioCloud® project.

OES and bringing new technology to market fast

Overcoming the time to market challenge starts at the design phase, and this is one area where OES excels.

A nimble, experienced engineering team with extensive knowledge in mechanical engineering & design, software development & commercialisation, PCB design, firmware development, and electronic engineering collaborate throughout the product ideation stage, helping to avoid inefficient designs with inflated costs, and that create needless delays.

It will be quickly determined by OES’ experienced team as to whether an idea is viable and marketable.

PP+ acts as single access to every engineering design discipline imaginable » Screenshot 2022 09 15 at 08.05.54 » PP Control & Automation

Flexible and fast prototype and NPI processes compliment a ‘design for excellence’ model, taking both DFM and DFT into account, and are key for time-efficient and quality-focused development. Furthermore, a state-of-the-art production facility is home to every electronic prototyping and manufacturing capability needed to prioritise speed.

Equipment can make a big difference to speed, accuracy and quality of any design and of the manufacturing process, whether it’s ASM pick & place or SMT placement technology, test fixtures with interchangeable tooling, or the latest fabrication and assembly equipment, areas of investment are considered to ensure the most optimised designs can be manufactured and assembled efficiently and quickly.

PP+ design network

Are you a start-up business looking to turn design concepts into commercial, practical products?

Are you an established machine builders attempting to unlock the benefits of well-considered design for manufacturability?

Do you want to use design optimisation to drive efficiency, standardise designs or find more sustainable solutions?

Are you looking for design support as you embark on a complex journey of digitalisation?

PP+ is designed to give freedom of access to partners in several industrial disciplines, and design is a critical aspect of any start-up or scale-up journey. With that in mind, PP+ has made it easier than ever to access the right support, no matter what challenges you’re facing.

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PP+ acts as single access to every engineering design discipline imaginable » Also see image pp kpm » PP Control & Automation

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PP+ acts as single access to every engineering design discipline imaginable » blog header » PP Control & Automation

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PP+ acts as single access to every engineering design discipline imaginable » InsideOutsourcing inset graphics June3 » PP Control & Automation

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