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An introduction to why PP+ exists and who it is designed to help

Industry disruptors, companies with bold innovations utilising new technology and ambitious machine builders in new markets have an opportunity to grow fast…

Businesses that can successfully challenge established incumbent organisations in the market with innovative new technology often require assistance and guidance on multiple levels before taking advantage of their “window of opportunity.”

New market footholds generally exist where disruptive innovations originate and PP Control & Automation has seen a steady increase in new product innovators interested in the outsourcing model.

Because of demand for their innovations and an urgency to bring them to market, coupled with relatively short histories compared to major OEMs, it is no surprise that outsourcing is viewed as an ideal solution. Barriers such as space, skilled people, engineering expertise, legislation, and production lead times will be common for them.

But there is more that business types such as these can leverage from an outsourcing partnership with PP C&A.

These businesses can also take advantage of the PP C&A “ecosystem” – An expansive network of suppliers and partners that can help companies in a scenario whereby quick scaling is an opportunity they’ll be keen to take advantage of. These businesses, by design and nature want to make their mark.

To unlock their potential, they’ll need scaling-up coaching, sales consultation, and marketing & PR strategy. Furthermore, as they grow, there will be opportunity to enter international markets where legislative demands bring new challenges and complexity, as well as a need to make efficiencies through design optimisation and access to academia and engineering groups. PP C&A can be the key to this sought-after access thanks to its well-established partner network.

PP+ is an expansion of the traditional outsourcing model that considers the customer’s growth objectives and offers a single-source solution to industry-best resources and guidance.

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How PP+ works

When confiding in PP C&A to develop an effective strategic outsourcing partnership, you will also be given the option to take advantage of the PP+ system, with a simple journey to accessing scaling-up coaching, sales consultation, marketing and PR support, and introductions to academia, legislative bodies, and engineering groups.

PP C&A also work with a number of partners whom can help and advise around investment needs and supporting strategies, including potential investors.

On entering the agreement, a discovery session to outline your business goals, the market opportunity, and potential barriers will be organised with key PP C&A partners and experts in the fields of marketing and PR.

The outcome of the discovery session will allow partners to formulate a business strategy, identifying where access to the wider network will also be needed.

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The next stage is access to growth modules. Growth modules are categorised by the individual expert partners that can each offer a bespoke service and here you will develop relationships with the experts you require for as long as, or as little time as you may need them..

There is no obligation to use modules when agreeing to a discovery session. The system is a flexible and tailored offering that can be accessed at your convenience.

PP C&A has seen year-on-year growth in part thanks to its network of key partners and is now finding ways through PP+ to help market disruptors access the same growth network.

Discovery Session

  • Face-to-Face
  • Held at PP C&A’s facility in Cheslyn Hay
  • All major stakeholders of your business invited
  • Tony Hague (PP C&A CEO) and key marketing and PR partners all present
  • No upfront preparation required
  • Relaxing & informal atmosphere

Growth Modules

  • Sales & Marketing
  • PR advice & strategy
  • Scaling-up coaching
  • Product & Geographic Legislation Requirements
  • Academia (Various leading Universities supporting)
  • Engineering (Design & DFMA)
  • Investment needs and pathways

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