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The PP+ ecosystem responds at speed to the wishes of KPM

Richard Spears

The PP+ ecosystem responds at speed to the wishes of KPM » Feature images pp blog series KPM ecosystem » PP Control & Automation

PP+ is an expansion of the traditional outsourcing model that considers the customer’s growth objectives and offers a single-source solution to industry-best resources and guidance.

It delivers a much more fluid and organic approach to solution-led networking by promoting open conversations with experts at PP Control & Automation that will quickly connect start-ups and scale-ups with the right people and organisations. These organisations can be trusted to help overcome design, legislation, production, growth, and market barriers. Whatever the need, the PP+ network can be leveraged at will.

To be able to do this at the highest level, PP C&A needs to demonstrate that its key partner and supplier network holds impressive credentials in several different industry disciplines.

Under the PP+ banner, this network of suppliers is promoted as ‘Growth Module Partners’. One of those is Silverstone Technology Cluster (STC), an organisation already central to helping one of PP C&A’s first adopters of the PP+ initiative, Kinetic Power Machines Limited (KPM).

First… A spotlight on STC

The PP+ ecosystem responds at speed to the wishes of KPM » STC logo » PP Control & Automation

Silverstone Technology Cluster (STC) is a not-for-profit support organisation for advanced engineering, electronics, and software businesses.

The organisation back its members with promotion, support and thought leadership initiatives designed to accelerate technological development around several topics through effective peer-to-peer discussion.

STC has hosted several delegations from different territories worldwide and engaged with organisations such as Heathrow Airport, BAE Systems, and the UK government, all of whom are keen for STC to become the conduit to accessing the problem-solving prowess of the companies collaborating within its network.

The cluster is uniquely multi-sectorial and so its knowledge base is wide and varied, bringing companies together and encouraging them to collaborate on best practice.

STC offers several business growth programmes, including the SME Advisory Board and Mentoring programmes, in partnership with Be the Business. Together with British Business Bank, it also hosts a series of Access to Finance events and joined forces with Amazon Web Services to deliver an Innovation programme.

Special Interest Groups (SIG) formed by leaders of the member companies serves to raise awareness of the capabilities within the cluster, but further supports opportunities for collaboration. Currently, there are four Special Interest Groups: Digital & Advanced Manufacturing, Future Mobility, Design, Simulation & Metrology, and Wearable Technology.

Since its inception in January 2017 by founding members Barclays, Buckinghamshire Council, EMW, Grant Thornton, Hexagon, Silverstone Park and West Northamptonshire Council, the cluster’s membership has grown to over 150 companies.

STC puts KPM on the front foot and the right path

KPM create a range of problem-solving technologies across several project categories such as clean energy and electric vehicle technology, eGames solutions, medical devices, conveyor systems and off-grid power.

Some of its technologies will be available to partnering organisations that need to solve technical challenges in their existing product portfolio, or those that want to enter new markets. It is a business on the cusp of new technologies, driving incremental innovation and using advanced manufacturing to solve some of industry’s most pertinent challenges.

The business is a natural fit for the PP+ initiative and it wasn’t long after their first conversation with PP C&A that they were benefiting from its access to Growth Module Partners.

“PP C&A, alongside the PP+ Growth Module Partners unlocked the experience, engineering imagination, and resources we needed to proceed to demonstration of our product to key partners and academia experts in the field of EV motors.”

Craig Morton
Operations Director
Kinetic Power Machines Limited (KPM)

KPM came to PP C&A with an innovative motor enhancement technology but several challenges on how to get the technology in front of the right people at a relatively early stage of its development.

STC’s collaborative approach with Amazon Web Services through its Innovation programme, plus its Special Interest Groups (SIG), set up specifically to focus on digital manufacturing and future mobility seemed too obvious an opportunity for collaboration with a fellow partner to let up. Introductions were made by PP C&A without delay.

KPM introduced their technology to STC which was received with much excitement. This new technology can be applied to any motor to double its load-carrying capacity or speed. For example, if an EV truck can carry 15 tonnes, then this technology will enable it to carry up to 30 tonnes!

Pim van Baarsen, CEO of Silverstone Technology Cluster, impressed with the technology put KPM in front of Amazon Web Services, as well as Performance Projects and Saietta. When KPM needed a clear path to key industry players in the market of clean and future mobility and electrification, these were exactly the types of organisations they had in mind.

L-R: Pim van Baarsen, CEO of STC and a recent STC roundtable event attended by PP C&A, promoting active conversations around some of the most pertinent challenges facing industry today, including automation, Net Zero Transport, Net Zero Manufacturing and improving systems resilience.

The plus doesn’t stop at STC

During conversations with PP C&A, KPM also communicated that they were especially interested in working with researchers to ultimately provide the required scrutiny for its motor enhancement technology prior to revealing the product to market.

And there just so happened to be the perfect PP+ Growth Module Partner for that too.

PP C&A connected KPM with Simon Shepherd at Coventry University and specialists from its Centre for Advanced Low Carbon Propulsion Systems (C-ALPS) where Simon is Director.

The £50m C-ALPS facility is a research centre within the Centre for E-Mobilty and Clean Growth at Coventry University. C-ALPS brings together academic expertise and state-of-the-art facilities in battery and supercapacitor cells, hydrogen fuel cells, e-motors and drives.

In this environment, researchers and industry work collaboratively on the science and engineering behind the next generation of electrified propulsion systems for the automotive, aerospace, marine and rail industries.

“Our relationship with PP C&A has blossomed based on tangible success and they are now an embedded part of our team. KPM highly recommends the PP+ outsourcing model to any start-up company that is planning to develop innovative products from inception of the idea to prototype and beyond.”

Craig Morton
Operations Director, KPM

The ecosystem illustrated

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More to exploit

PP C&A has agreed to provide KPM with space on the shopfloor of its award-winning facility to host its technology, with the ability to demonstrate it to interested parties.

After this, KPM is looking to dig even deeper into the PP+ ecosystem of partners and start conversations with growth and marketing experts to see how it can exploit new market opportunities.

Furthermore, partners within the Manufacturing Assembly Network have recently been engaged, with C. Brandauer being an especially important connection, with their vast expertise in electrical steel lamination stamping and experience supplying the electrification, electric vehicle and clean mobility markets with some of the industry’s most ambitious projects and collaborations.

The PP+ ecosystem responds at speed to the wishes of KPM » PPAutomation Tony Profiles Aug2021 0046 EDITED » PP Control & Automation

KPM has quickly become an excellent example of how PP+ is designed to operate and support organisations on their journey to outsourcing, scaling up and making a mark. It is the ecosystem at play that connects quickly and in new and unique ways, whatever a customer’s needs, that makes it unlike any other strategic outsourcing partnership in the world.

Tony Hague, CEO, PP Control & Automation

Knowing where to even start looking for solutions can be a problem for manufacturers with big challenges – both several and specific, and can cause all sorts of headaches. Access to the right networks and building sound relationships is complex and time consuming. PP+ skips the queue, putting adopters of the service in front of the right people, ready to be useful in so many ways, straight away.

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The PP+ ecosystem responds at speed to the wishes of KPM » blog header » PP Control & Automation

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The PP+ ecosystem responds at speed to the wishes of KPM » InsideOutsourcing inset graphics June3 » PP Control & Automation

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