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UL Standards: Seizing on a massive opportunity in North America

Tony Hague

Introducing our UL Standards mission

Of all the subjects we often discuss with clients, the one that still causes the most confusion is around that of design and build standards for the North American markets.

It would certainly appear that North America is becoming an increasingly inviting market for UK machinery builders, no doubt further heightened with Brexit and how trade with Europe may alter in the future.

So seizing on what is a massive opportunity in North America has become of increasing importance to current and future customers and hence we have decided to produce a series of videos and downloads as well as developing a Q&A forum and seminar to remove some of the misconceptions surrounding UL, as well as highlighting some of the critical points that machine builders need to be aware of.

ul standards blog image

We are delighted to be working on this with a number of our key partners, namely:

ul technical partners

And at PP Control & Automation, we have over two decades of experience in the design and build of control & automation systems for the North American Markets and have held full UL508a Approval during this time.

UL Standards: The importance of getting it right!

Our main objective for the forthcoming information is to deliver the clear message that the importance of getting it right has never been greater and equally the cost of getting it wrong has never been higher.

Our plan is to release a weekly video and blog and thus creating a series that will cover:

This is not a marketing “sell” message – rather an educational piece that we hope will encourage UK machine builders to look closely at the North American export market and its opportunities – A market we hope to encourage machine builders to seize. These are important times for UK Manufacturing.

Stay in the loop

If you have a specific question about UL then the form below will be the most useful tool for you. With these questions, we can respond to your specific needs directly and also build on the communications planned over the next 6 weeks.

Come back next week to understand more about the wider business considerations concerning UL, including its many benefits.

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Ask us any question you have on UL Standards

With these questions, we can respond to your specific needs directly and also build on the communications planned over the next 6 weeks.

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