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PP stands for People Power

Malcolm Condon

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Putting people front and centre of ideology and values might not seem a distinctly different or new mindset for a business to apply in this day in age, but it is something that’s rarely pursued with as much energy and consideration as it is here at PP Control & Automation.

At least, that’s my belief, as a HR professional with many years of experience across all walks of industrial life, from Automotive Tier 1 SMEs to large corporate Defence contractors. There’s something special about what we’re doing here. Something uniquely PP.

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My name is Malcolm Condon and I am proud to be PP’s People Partner. This is my experience as an employee and my involvement in helping to drive mindful leadership and compassion in the workplace.

Some heroes wear red polo shirts

PP C&A realise the power of creating people-centric values that account for the happiness of employees as much as the bottom line.

I began to understand this very early in my career at PP. In fact, the first month on the job became an incredibly rewarding experience when my request to put on the red polo shirt (synonymous with our people on the factory floor) was kindly accepted by the directors of the business. With the red shirt on, I spent time on the factory floor understanding every discipline and engaging with the skilled people executing them.

I spent a few days each week enjoying conversations with what I can only describe as exemplary engineers and humble people. I would ask questions about their day-to-day working life, challenges that we could overcome together, and what was important to them. It helped me to gain clarity on what would ensure a culture of engagement, continuous improvement, and wellbeing.

People were forgiving of my ‘new starter lack of knowledge’ and really encouraged more questions. Their responses were open and honest. They had the confidence to speak without fear of any negative backlash – testament to the culture already established and proof that here, the values really are shared.

The positivity throughout the workforce was energising and for me personally, it confirmed something important for anyone starting a new role – I was at home here. This was a great fit. And everyone is in this together.

The people that spent those valuable hours with me on the factory floor were torchbearers to the cause – be it humility in the workplace, a desire to drive change and keep learning, or to customer satisfaction. It was clear, not all heroes wear capes, some wear red polo shirts.

A warm welcome

From the second you walk through the door at PP, you’ll feel welcome. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a new employee, a new customer, or an old friend, there’s a smiling face at reception with a genuine interest in how you are or what brings you to Cheslyn Hay. The core values are emblazoned on the wall and an award-winning, clean, and organised facility awaits through the next set of doors.

Breaks and lunch times are shared in the canteen, where employees compete in pool competitions, or relax in front of the big screen, where daytime TV and news brings conversation, laughter, and sometimes sheer shock at the buying behaviours of team red and blue on Bargain Hunt.

It’s all designed to make work and the spaces in between enjoyable, and to clearly demonstrate that everyone’s wellbeing is a priority. These decisions don’t just come from the top, but from recommendations from every degree of employment.

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Everyone at PP has a voice that’s heard

People are our greatest asset, and to put it simply, employee engagement drives performance. We believe that our employees hold the answers. Those that do the work often hold the solutions to getting things done with increased efficiency and effectiveness.

It is through fostering an inclusive environment by which every employee has a voice that we can maximise the true potential of the organisation. If employees feel that they’re in a safe environment to share concerns and express their views, then they will be more likely to take accountability for their ideas.

The mantra that ‘no idea is a bad idea’ is never truer than in an environment that needs to deploy agility and excellence at every level, to continuously improve, and ensure the right skills are nurtured, the best levels of performance are reached, or employee engagement is consistently high.

With every person encouraged to use their voice, they’re more inclined to also share the wins and successes together, congratulating one another on a job well done. It’s worth repeating… Positive culture really does drive performance. It improves productivity, attracts and retains the best talent, and makes the company as competitive as it can be.

It was the collective voices and ideas of our people that created a set of 10 core values – values that we all live by, and which form the centre of how the company operates and collaborates with employees, customers, suppliers, and wider stakeholders.

Passion and purpose

We view PP not just as a business but as a community. We want employees to feel a strong sense of belonging and to be part of something bigger than just themselves. We have created an environment that is a fun place to work, in which employees feel empowered to make a difference and are recognised for their individuality and their contribution.

It is important that every employee understands how the work we do is aligned with our departmental goals and metrics, which supports the growth of the business. Our decisions, actions and performance are focused on the success of each department and business as a whole; we do not maximize one area at the others’ expense.

Every leader in the business campaigns for the best in customer satisfaction and takes accountability for profitable growth through a relentless focus on employee development and closely managing performance. Together, we aim to ensure that every employee is equipped to deliver superior results and to understand that differentiated results (not activity) are rewarded.

I can honestly say that from day one I have felt at home here at PP. I love working here and the people I work with. And a year since putting that red polo shirt on and getting stuck in, I still feel empowered to make a real difference.

I am proud to be the People Partner for PP Control & Automation.

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