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PP C&A Outsourcing Case Studies | Updated for 2019 and available as a free download

As an acknowledged leader in the provision of control & automation outsourcing solutions to many of the World’s most successful machinery builders, PP Control & Automation has had the opportunity to publish a variety of articles in the UK’s leading journals for the manufacturing industries. The business also encourages content creation from its management team on the varying elements of strategic outsourcing.


outsourcing case studies

These case studies have been used to highlight and promote the very real business benefits realised through the close working partnerships developed with clients – Benefits such as:

  • Increased sales
  • Reduced manufacturing costs
  • Improvements in quality
  • Improved production throughput times
  • Reductions in customer lead times
  • Increased profitability

PP C&A look to adopt a consultative approach when engaging with customers. Firstly, looking to fully understand and appreciate areas of constraint and ‘business pain’, before looking to design a manufacturing solution that will deliver specific remedies, based on individual needs.

outsourcing case studies

The solutions offered are able to deliver significant and measurable results for customers. This year’s edition includes focused customer case studies hoping to offer clarity on those very solutions and relationships.

The digital copy which can be downloaded for free will also direct readers to related blogs, press releases and videos, making it the number one resource for machine builders looking to outsource to a strategic partner.

outsourcing case studies


PP Control & Automation are world leaders in strategic outsourcing solutions.

Do you outsource?

Are you currently outsourcing? Are you outsourcing to a variety of suppliers? Are you potentially missing out on the operational and commercial benefits achieved by outsourcing to one strategic partner?

Use the form below to tell PP C&A more about your current outsourcing requirements and considerations. Using this information, the strategic and engineering experts at PP C&A will be able to tell you where efficiencies can be made, costs managed better and how your growth potential will be unlocked.

PP C&A strategic outsourcing solutions are the fastest way to profitability.


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