If you could build more machines faster and better, could you sell them?

Outsourcing Solutions

Growth – Still the fastest way to profitability

Why not concentrate on what you do best?

An increasing number of OEMs choose strategic outsourcing as part of their overall production and supply chain strategy. This allows them to delegate non-core activities to organisations that specialise in those activities, giving them time to focus on their core competencies such as:

  • Product innovation
  • Research and development
  • Sales and marketing

What are the typical barriers to growth?


  • Number of skilled workers available
  • Training requirements
  • Ageing workforce and loss of key tacit knowledge


  • Lack of space available to build additional machines

Production lead times

  • Lean exercises have eliminated waste yet you are still struggling to build machines quicker

How can outsourcing benefit your business?

These are many and varied but some of the key drivers are:

  • Optimise costs associated with production and related overheads
  • Reduction in total manufacturing costs
    • Reduces the financial risk and exposure, especially in markets where demand can change quickly
  • Elimination of unnecessary stock and reduction of Work In Progress (WIP)
    • Improves cash flow
  • Improved manufacturing lead times
  • Flexible and responsive production to the typical ‘peaks and troughs’ of demand
    • Provides an extension to your own engineering, supply chain and production support capabilities
    • Reduces the need for costly sub-contract labour at busy times
    • Reduces the likelihood of redundancies during quiet times
  • Time to market & Scalability
    • The faster the machine development, production readiness and commercialisation, the faster that revenue stream can be delivered.
  • Access to highly skilled and trained workforce
  • Creates a fixed cost of ownership
    • Provides you with price stability

A practical example

Ishida and PP Control & Automation

Watch our Strategic Outsourcing Partnership video to see the huge benefits of our Strategic Outsourcing Partnership with Ishida Europe. This video gives an insight into the tangible, real world (and potentially massive) benefits of strategic partnerships.

Learn more about the benefits of outsourcing

PP work closely with a wide range of technology partners whom can assist in the engineering, design and development of your machinery and processes in order to offer a technical or commercial benefit over your competitors.

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