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Cabling & Interconnectivity solutions – Engineering & Production Capabilities video series

Here at PP Control & Automation, we combine our extensive engineering and production capabilities in order to design an outsourcing solution that delivers the desired result. This latest video concentrates on our Cabling & Interconnectivity Capability – One of 6 core capabilities which make up our total Control & Automation solution.

The video series, which currently includes Electrical Control Systems, Electronics Integration & “Box Builds” and Pneumatics & Hydraulics will continue its release schedule in the new year, including an insight into capabilities such as, Vacuum chambers and gas management systems and Mechanical assembly.

Cabling & Interconnectivity solutions – Watch now!

Cabling & Interconnectivity solutions – Total Control & Automation

With over £1million invested in the latest state-of-the-art technology for cable harness manufacture, machine builders are benefiting from a fully automated solution. A solution that provides the very highest levels of production quality and an assurance of performance reliability, minimising the risks of damaging machine downtime caused by inferior manual production techniques.

It is well documented that the single largest contributing factor to machine failure is down to the connectivity in the associated control and automation wiring. One intermittent connection failure, down to one poor crimp/connector, in the most complex piece of automated machinery, can result in costly downtime and the costs of lost production.

By automating both the production and test of single and multi-core cables, PP Control & Automation can minimise such risks for both its customers and the end users.

PP Control & Automation apply design for manufacture (DFM) and value engineering principles to develop innovative connectivity solutions for its customers – PP will optimise speed of machine connectivity, implement standardisation and avoid unnecessary costs by identifying these common problems through early engagement at the design stage.

Furthermore, PP Control & Automation can manage the complete design and manufacture of a customer’s drag chain requirements, including the integration of hydraulics and pneumatics. Protecting and supporting moving cables is an important requirement in today’s automated machinery and will dramatically improve the life of the enclosed cabling and once again, maximise machine performance, uptime and service intervals.


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