10th June 2020

Strategic outsourcing playlist

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The act of letting go

Letting go is often the most challenging act for machine builders and OEMs to face as they embark on an outsourcing partnership. But the right partner should fill you with confidence.

Just one poor crimp

It is a well-documented fact that the single biggest contributor to machine downtime and field failure is caused by poor electrical connectivity. Just one poor crimp connection can cause machine failure, and the sheer volume of electrical connections in and around a piece of complex machinery could make this particularly challenging.

Inventor-e targets £1m opportunity after signing PP C&A manufacturing deal

Transforming inventory management is paying off for Inventor-e after it signed its latest deal to scale-up production.

REWIND22: Reflecting on a disruptive but significant year in UK manufacturing

Reflection is important. Especially after such a demanding year for the industry. Reflecting allows us to gain perspective, learn from our experiences, and make more informed and thoughtful decisions.

A Sharing in Growth story

Over 18 months ago, PP Control & Automation became the latest manufacturer to be selected for the Sharing in Growth (SiG) transformation programme. This new collaboration would act as a catalyst for further improvement.

Autumn Statement commentary

CEO, Tony Hague was invited to add commentary to a Daily Express feature responding to Jeremy Hunt’s Autumn Statement on Friday.

PP+ navigates the approvals maze and helps bring new products to new territories

Navigating the maze of approvals is one that you really don’t want to be attempting alone. PP+ Growth Module Partner, Product Approvals Ltd is a specialist consultancy and testing solutions company.

Hedinn fishing for efficiencies as PP C&A helps it deliver €11m deal

PP Control & Automation is celebrating a fifth birthday of supplying the fishing sector in style by supporting an €11m project.

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