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Rewinding 2022 and reflecting on a disruptive but significant year in UK manufacturing

The #PPREWIND22 campaign reflects on 10 key stories published over the course of the year, depicted as chart topping records. Contributions from thought leaders, departments, and communications partners make for a compilation of key ‘tracks’ and songs of disruption, resilience, and opportunity…

Rewind and press play on 2022!

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The Stories Behind the Sleeves

Download the free 44 page e-book with the key stories from an eventful year in manufacturing, all conceptual REWIND22 artwork, and a forward (and fast forward) from CEO, Tony Hague.

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Supply: The Universal Problem

PP Rewind22 » PP Vinyl BN cover supply the universal problem » PP Control & Automation

Tony Hague, CEO of PP Control and Automation, says the chronic supply delays, caused before Covid but exacerbated by the pandemic, is an overdue and golden opportunity for companies that manufacture goods. But will we act?

Contributors: Tony Hague

Publishing: Stirling Media Ltd 2022 (UKMO22)


Vocals: Tony Hague


How a Volatile Landscape Has Redefined the Buyer Role

PP Rewind22 » PP Vinyl BN cover volatile landscape buyer role » PP Control & Automation

According to Joanna Gould, her team of buyers are using their experience to navigate an extreme landscape of supply chain volatility whilst also having to master the art of customer service and the skills required for customer-facing roles. Enter the ‘buyer come customer service’ blend.

Contributors: Joanna Gould, Richard Spears

Publishing: PP Control & Automation


Vocals: Joanna Gould


Once in a Generation Reshoring Boom

PP Rewind22 » PP Vinyl BN cover reshoring boom » PP Control & Automation

De-risking supply chains, mitigating long lead times and ensuring security of supply are driving a major reshoring trend back to the UK according to Tony Hague.

Contributors: Tony Hague

Publishing: PP Control & Automation, Engineering Update, The Manufacturer etc.


Vocals: Tony Hague


Broken Supply Lines Drive Manufacturing Back Home

PP Rewind22 » PP Vinyl BN cover broken supply lines » PP Control & Automation

After two years of global supply-chain disruption, and with dark clouds on the horizon, manufacturers around Birmingham say they are inundated with orders, helped by new and old domestic clients bringing some production back home.

Contributors: Kate Holten (Reuters), Tony Hague, Rowan Crozier (C. Brandauer), Tony Sartorius (Alucast) & others.

Publishing: © 2022 Reuters.


Vocals: Tony Hague


Launching the Resource Centre

PP Rewind22 » PP Vinyl BN cover resource centre » PP Control & Automation

Machinery builders and companies looking to bring new technologies to market are benefitting from a new resource centre launched in August of this year. PP C&A has pooled all its expertise and knowledge into an easy-to-use online hub.

Contributors: Richard Spears

Publishing: PP Control & Automation, Express & Star, Manufacturing Management etc.


Vocals: Richard Spears


Scott’s Top 5 Continuous Improvement Moments

PP Rewind22 » PP Vinyl BN cover top 5 ci moments » PP Control & Automation

Scott Ward reflects on close to 10 years of involvement in the continuous improvement department and selects five of his personal favourite moments.

Contributors: Scott Ward, Richard Spears

Publishing: PP Control & Automation


Vocals: Scott Ward


Gen-Zeal: The Eager Desire of a New Generation of Engineers

PP Rewind22 » PP Vinyl BN cover gen zeal » PP Control & Automation

Three budding engineers at different stages of their careers with PP C&A recently took part in a questionnaire designed to draw out their personal points of view on experiences to date, their achievements, and the future of the business.

Contributors: James Sutor, Marcus Wesson, Sophie Young, Richard Spears

Publishing: PP Control & Automation


Vocals: Sophie Young


Bridging the Valley of Death

PP Rewind22 » PP Vinyl BN cover bridging the valley of death » PP Control & Automation

The launch of PP+ is aiming to help domestic businesses cross the well publicised valley of death by providing access to an ecosystem of key ‘Growth Module Partners’.

Contributors: Tony Hague, Pim van Baarsen (Silverstone Technology Cluster), Carl Perrin (Institute for Clean Growth & Future Mobility at Coventry University).

Publishing: PP Control & Automation, Design Products & Applications, Develop 3D, Express & Star etc.


Vocals: Richard Spears


A sharing in Growth Story

PP Rewind22 » PP Vinyl BN cover sharing in growth » PP Control & Automation

Continuous improvement is a storybook that never closes. And so, this Sharing in Growth story, is really just a chapter. But a significant one. And one that includes an ‘Inspire’ award.

Contributors: Ian Knight, Sean Cayley, Lee Aston, Scott Ward, Richard Spears

Publishing: PP Control & Automation


Vocals: Tony Hague, Paul Binns (SiG), Ian Knight


Making Outsourcing Easy

PP Rewind22 » PP Vinyl BN cover making outsourcing easy » PP Control & Automation

By working together, across the organisation and throughout departments, with key technical partners, and of course directly with the customer, PP C&A use the power of collaboration to deliver measurable success and live by its uppermost pledge of ‘making outsourcing easy’.

Contributors: Garry Myatt, Richard Spears

Publishing: PP Control & Automation


Vocals: Richard Spears

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