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PP C&A nominated for Manufacturing Innovator of the Year

PP C&A has been nominated for Manufacturing Innovator of the Year in the Innovation Awards 2021.

The award is for the most innovative manufacturing company in response to COVID, adopting new technologies or embracing servitization. If you’re behind us, you can show your support by clicking the button below and casting your vote. Thank you!

In other news…

Take your first steps to realising growth potential by making outsourcing part of your manufacturing strategy. PP C&A has produced a free guide which details every stage of the outsourcing procedure.

We call it the 3D process. Download your free copy below.

PP C&A nominated for Manufacturing Innovator of the Year » 03 brochure a4 vert 3d process small » PP Control & Automation

Through a combination of extensive engineering and production capabilities, PP Control & Automation design an outsourcing solution that delivers based on your specified requirements and strategies.

It is worth noting however, that there should always be a process of consideration when selecting the right outsourcing partner and understanding how that partner delivers against your requirements.

That’s why PP C&A introduced the 3D process. It clearly defines the whole journey into three specific stages: Discovery, Decision, Delivery.

This guide advises in detail on each of those stages.




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Do you outsource?

    Realise your growth potential by making outsourcing part of your manufacturing strategy.

    At PP C&A, we never assume that a solution for one customer will work for another, because every customer is unique. That is why we will never try to simply sell you an ‘off the shelf solution’.

    We believe in meeting you, listening and understanding your needs first. If you are considering outsourcing for the first time or you wish to review your current outsourcing strategies, we would welcome the opportunity for discussion

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