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PP C&A joins the UK’s push to manufacture more ventilators for the NHS

After a number of discussions with manufacturing consortiums across the UK, PP Control & Automation has been appointed to support the production of vital parts for use in ventilators.

Working with our customer, we will be producing more than 25,000 electrical harnesses for use by the VentilatorChallengeUK, with assemblies being delivered daily to keep up with demand.

Our ability to take on sub-contract manufacturing challenges quickly meant we were the perfect partner for this crucial process and we took just 24-hours to create a dedicated manufacturing line to support the project.

Employees at PP C&A responded immediately, agreeing to work over the Easter weekend and across multiple shifts to ensure urgent lead times were met.

Ian Knight, Chief Information Officer at PP Control & Automation, commented: “We have been actively looking for ways where we can use our manufacturing expertise to support frontline staff, whether that is on our own or through a joint approach with the Manufacturing Assembly Network (MAN).

“The harnesses we are producing for the VentilatorChallengeUK are already going into ventilators that are being delivered to the NHS and will hopefully play a small part in saving lives.”

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