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Our message to the wider manufacturing community

Tony Hague

Author: Tony Hague, CEO | Date: March 23rd 2020


After the dust had settled on the general election and GDP figures were revealed, I commented on how UK businesses needed to be bold and brave in how they now target international markets. It was a response to stalled growth in the economy and how manufacturing output was falling. Despite this, there was optimism in the air. But since, unprecedented disruption has surfaced and whilst the problem is world-wide, our immediate priorities are at home.

You would think, with the situation the world now finds itself in, that optimism would be the next thing to fall. Instead, what I notice is a manufacturing community that understands its place and is ready to be even more than just bold and brave. Recent weeks have highlighted how the community is making admirable attempts to help the country through its roughest time in recent history.

Manufacturers are now turning their attentions to saving lives, helping one another and working collaboratively on innovative new initiatives. The community, despite the restrictions COVID-19 is putting in place, is communicating now better than ever.

At PP C&A we reacted as quickly as we could to the many issues we as a community of manufacturers face and the questions asked of us, none more so than the government’s call for UK manufacturers to turn their hands to the production and assembly of ventilators.

More on that HERE and ongoing updates HERE.

We also look inward. We look at our core competencies and what we do best and ask, ‘how else can we help?’

There are manufacturers needing short-term support having been affected by loss of capacity and damaging supply chain disruption. We want to offer that support wherever we can. We want to continue to feed the process of collaboration that will likely get the community and the country through this.

Now is a time when helping is the most important thing to do. Be it production or supply chain disruption, loss of capacity, people and potential revenue, sourcing materials or seeking temporary labour; talk to us and if we can’t directly alleviate or minimise those pains, then we may at least be able to signpost you in the right direction.

PP C&A will open its resource of specialist contract manufacturing staff, operators and facility space, not to mention key technical partners and collaborators to the wider manufacturing community, to provide much needed short and medium-term support during these trying times.

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