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Machinery Confidence – Reliable partnerships make reliable products

Machinery Confidence – Reliable partnerships make reliable products » PP Blog post next video graphics Wago » PP Control & Automation

Business can often be about making good connections, and for WAGO and PP Control & Automation, this is true in more ways than one. As one of the world’s leading providers of electrical control systems, PP’s customers are relentless in their demand for quality products. It’s thanks to partnerships with suppliers like WAGO that these standards can be consistently met.

100% Reliability

WAGO make many of the interconnection and automation products that form the backbone of PP’s solutions. These might include modular I/O systems, terminal blocks and controllers to increase the reliability and efficiency of machine automation.

Over the past few years, it has become essential that OEMs like PP continually improve their offer to customers. It’s now the customer that dictates the terms of a machine build to the manufacturer – not the other way around. Invariably, if the customer is dissatisfied with quality or lead times, they will look elsewhere. PP therefore rely on their suppliers to deliver time and again, so their products are not just excellently designed, but are high-quality at a component level. WAGO, whose goal is to make all of their components, devices and systems 100% reliable, are an ideal supplier on all accounts.

Partnerships of Success

In the end, any business partnership must be mutually beneficial. In this case, PP have the assurance that the components in their products will be completely reliable, and that they have already passed rigorous in-house quality testing. Equally, WAGO not only benefit from PP’s direct business, but the exposure to new customers that may not ordinarily have specified them.

So how does this partnership work on a technical level?



PP works with a number of world leading machine tool manufacturers, in metal cutting, profiling and grinding. In every case, PP makes use of CAGE CLAMP technology and the security of connection it provides. Since replacing traditional screw clamp connection with WAGO’s CAGE CLAMP technology, customers have frequently seen an immediate and significant improvement in connection reliability. PP are therefore minimising customer’s warranty costs, maximising machine performance and minimising the risk of downtime.

The customer wins, PP wins, and WAGO can be sure they’ll be called on again.

Flexibility is Critical

PP work in a diverse range of industries, from air conditioning and security to food processing and transport. Equally, things move quickly for their customers, who may have to find extra capacity at very short notice to respond to demand. These things combined, it’s clear why PP’s own suppliers must be equally flexible to increases in demand across a range of applications. WAGO specifically builds its products with compatibility in mind. Their automation products support all major protocols, enabling them to deliver no matter the job PP find themselves with. You can find out more about WAGO’s pledge to producing world-class components here.


Machinery Confidence – Reliable partnerships make reliable products » PP Blog post next video graphics Wago » PP Control & Automation


Your own strategic partnership is in touching distance. To discuss the benefit of working with an industry leading provider of electrical control systems, cable harnesses and sub-contract manufacturing, get in touch with PP Control & Automation today.




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