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Machine Safety – It’s within touching distance

Why is machine safety such an important facet in the aim to achieve maximum machinery ‘uptime’?

Protect the foundations of your business

In the US, it’s estimated that nonfatal workplace injuries cost businesses in excess of $125 billion. 

Machine safety technology plays an ever-increasing role in machine building, and while the industry moves closer towards automated systems, human operation is still at its foundation. This has and will continue to open the door for human error or machine malfunction that can put workers in danger. But it is not only pay-outs for severe injuries that cost businesses money – as these are fairly uncommon – but downtime caused by even the most minor safety concerns or injuries.

Of all the factors effecting a manufacturer’s bottom line, downtime as a result of machine safety is one of the most preventable. Unlike cyber attacks or lightning damage, the responsibility lays entirely within the confines of your factory. With that said, understanding machine safety and the standards to adhere to can be confusing. PP Control and Automation are here to ease those fears and provide you with a complete machine safety package.

Stay Safe + Secure

Safe + Secure is your protection package that ensures your machines are up to international safety standards, while providing a unique solution that’s right for you. It covers:

Functional Safety – the process used to design, test and prove that a machine’s control system is suitably reliable in its risk reduction, as determined by a risk assessment. Functional safety standards have changed since 2011 to deal with newer technologies, and require increased levels of knowledge to apply correctly

Electrical Safety – the key European standard for machine electrical safety is EN 60204, and covers specific requirements to minimise risks to machinery operators, such as electric shocks. Our package provides comprehensive protection that adheres completely to this standard

Machine Safety and an all-inclusive package

Safe + Secure gives you peace of mind. It ensures your machines are protected in the three key areas of Cyber Security, Lightning and Surge Protection and Machine Safety. These packages can save your business large sums of money, data and can even keep your employees from potential harm.

Safe + Secure is the fruits of a fantastic partnership between PP Control and Automation and Phoenix Contact. It’s a combination of Safety, Trabtech and Mguard products that gives you a one stop solution to ensure your machine is truly protected.

For peace of mind and to keep your business from harm, call us about the Safe + Secure package on +44(0)1922 419109


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