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Free June Seminar: Insights and Innovations for Machine & Equipment Builders

Machine and equipment builders can unlock their growth potential by developing best practice approaches to internal processes and engaging the workforce, as well as understanding how technological advances and techniques will benefit their business massively when used properly.

PP Control & Automation will be hosting a free event at their premises in Walsall, developed with machine and equipment builders in mind. Informative and educational activities will be scheduled over two dedicated sessions during the morning and afternoon of the 27th June 2018.

In conjunction with some of our key technical partners, activities for the ‘Excellence in engineering’ morning session will cover a variety of technical subjects, including Robotics and Automation, new generation PLC architecture and reducing cooling requirements and associated energy within electrical control systems.

Preceded by a free lunch and opportunity to network, the ‘Process excellence in manufacturing’ afternoon session will concentrate on internal processes and employee performance.

We’ll be delivering a dedicated session on the best use of technology in helping to make better products, sell more and generate greater profits. We will also be covering Six Sigma and the benefits of a programme that brings continuous improvement to the fore. The day will conclude with a session on employee engagement, recognising the correlation between high performing businesses and high employee engagement.

You can register your interest and book a space for the entire day or specify your interest in either the morning or afternoon session by filling in the form at the bottom of this article.

Event schedule

Arrive: 10AM

Morning Session: Excellence in engineering

Start: 10:30AM

  • Robotics & Automation
  • Smart Machines & Factories
  • New generation PLC Architecture
  • Keeping Your Critical Assets Cool

Lunch and arrival for afternoon session: 12:30PM

Afternoon Session: Process excellence in manufacturing

Start: 1:30PM

  • The Future of Making Things
  • Practical Six Sigma
  • Employee Engagement

Finish: 4PM


Technical partners involved

Free June Seminar: Insights and Innovations for Machine & Equipment Builders » PP Blog post graphics key partners » PP Control & Automation

More details on individual sessions

Excellence in engineering

Robotics & Automation – a practical approach for equipment and machine builders. Removing the “clutter” associated with the industry hype, often seen as relevant to the large end-users and the automotive sectors, but with no focus on how robotics can be relevant to OEMs and their customers as a driver to improve productivity and costs.

Read our ‘Robotics & Automation’ Blog

Smart Machines & Factories – smart machines are built from smart factories. End-users are constantly striving to improve line OEE (overall equipment effectiveness), speed time-to-market for products and aggregate operational data into enterprise level information. This drives their OEM Machine Builder suppliers to deliver equipment that enables these diverse, current and future needs.

Read our ‘Smart Machines & Factories’ Blog

New Generation PLC Architecture – combining the reliability and security of the classic PLC world with the openness and flexibility of smart devices, which now makes it possible to implement automation projects without the limitations of proprietary systems.

Read our ‘New Generation PLC Architecture’ Blog

Keeping Your Critical Assets Cool – what steps can you make to reduce cooling requirements and therefore associated energy within electrical control systems? You may be surprised at what options exist.

Read our ‘Keeping Your Critical Assets Cool’ Blog

Process excellence in manufacturing

The Future of Making Things – Technology is irrelevant, what you do with it is important. But in an industry full of technological jargon and buzzwords, where do you start? We will share a hands-on approach to smash through the theory and use technology to help make better products, sell more and generate greater profits.

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Practical Six Sigma – how can you use the Six Sigma toolkit and DMAIC processes in an environment where a batch size of one is the norm? Six Sigma is not just for the automotive or high-volume manufacturing sectors where DPMO or PPM are standard phrases in the industry language.

Read our ‘Practical Six Sigma’ Blog

Employee Engagement – the correlation between high performing businesses and high employee engagement are undeniable – but how do you approach this? How do you shape and define culture and create an environment where engagement excels, and your performance finds the next level?

Read our ‘Employee Engagement’ Blog


Register your interest now!

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Date: Wednesday 27th June | Location: PP Control and Automation, Landywood Green, Cheslyn Hay, West Midlands WS6 7AL Get Directions

t: +44 (0)1922 419109 | e:

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