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Four new Case Studies showcasing PP’s manufacturing influence

PP Control & Automation is proud to be a vocal and an active contributor to the current conversation in the world of manufacturing. We’ve had the chance to share our most successful techniques and approaches in some of the UK’s premier manufacturing journals. A great opportunity to recognise how our close, strategic relationships and manufacturing principles create real business benefits for our clients and partners.

The four case study pieces, which can be downloaded/read in full HERE, are summarised below.

Four new Case Studies showcasing PP’s manufacturing influence » PP Blog post next video graphics Case studies 1 » PP Control & Automation

Growth still the fastest way to profitability

Originally featured in The Manufacturer

This article showcases the approach that Tony Hague, Managing Director of PP Control & Automation, takes to his business philosophy; in short, that “Manufacturers should target growth over cost cutting to help drive increased profits.”

Tony makes the case for growth as a business model, using PP’s own practices as an example of how strategic partnerships can address any potential concerns that come with this approach.

At the heart of this article is a challenge to machine builders who are caught in a fixed mindset—particularly those that say, “we have always done it this way, it will always be the best way”. Tony urges such people to adapt to a market that is constantly shifting in favour of the end user.

Create capacity – Unlocking Growth Potential

Originally featured in The Manufacturer

While his previous article focused on the ‘why’ of the growth business model, this piece by Tony Hague explores the ‘how’. He raises the concern of increasing lead times that result from expanding beyond capacity, and examines potential solutions.

Tony deduces that long-term solutions such as recruitment, training and facility expansion come with their own issues—particularly, the element of risk in a time of economic uncertainty, where demand may decrease unexpectedly. These problems are solved by the flexibility afforded by strategically outsourcing components

The ultimate question Tony levels to manufacturers is, “Why tie up valuable resource and skilled operators performing non-core processes that another business could do better?” A number of PP Control & Automation’s customers have doubled their sales revenues by subscribing to this attitude.

Sixth Sense: PP’s Six Sigma journey

Originally featured in Manufacturing Management

The productivity of UK workers is going down, not up. Ian Knight, Chief Technical and Information Officer at PP Control & Automation, draws from his extensive experience to provide a solution in the form of the Six Sigma system.

Defining it in terms of a ‘measurement-based’ strategy, Ian identifies some of the more problematic approaches that companies have made to Six Sigma and shares several lessons learned by PPC&A in its extensive history with the program.

“I would estimate that we have invested more than £5m into this approach”, Ian writes, “That may sound like a lot, but not when you consider the vast benefits and success we have enjoyed as a result.” Ian demonstrates the potential of Six Sigma as seen in his own experiences.

The importance of UL standards for North America

Originally featured in Connecting Industry

Mark Johnson, Engineering Manager at PP Control & Automation, writes a word of warning for those who want to expand their manufacturing business to the United States and Canada; while such expansion is desirable, the consequences of failing to meet UL and NFPA standards can be costly.

Failing to meet these standards, Mark explains, can permanently damage a company’s standing with their customers and partners. He details the importance of short circuit current ratings, voltage ratings, wire bending space and more, emphasising the need for these factors to be considered from an early stage.

Mark extols a “more proactive approach” to meeting UL standards, as well as working alongside companies like PPC&A to provide a complete UL solution. “We would always recommend that you seek the specialist advice of a professional organisation which has practical experience in this field.”


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