UL Capabilities

Machinery Manufacturers – Meeting the legal and technical requirements of the United States and Canadian market

  • Guaranteed US & Canadian safety standards compliance
    • Our UL Listed panels are manufactured under regular stringent UL factory audits to meet key US national and local electric safety regulations
  • Save time and money on field evaluation inspection
    • Avoids the costly ‘field evaluation’ inspection of every panel and the associated unpredictable outcome.
  • Global recognition and quick response
    • Respected globally, the UL listing mark may be specified in procurement documents for contracts outside of the USA, commonly in Middle East countries such as the UAE
    • A ‘global’ design can be produced, allowing panels to be shipped to the EU, USA, Canada, and further afield without ‘special’ build variants being needed. This allows for quick response to new commercial opportunities
  • Boost sales and stand out from your competitors
    • The UL Listing mark on your panel and/or machine can increase sales and set you apart from the competition

standards-nfpa   UL

Included in the PP UL Listing service:

  • Combined ‘cULus’ Canadian and US UL Listing mark
  • Complete panel and machine ‘design for compliance service’ including part selection and layout
  • UL compliant cable design and assembly for panels
    and machines.