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PP C&A launches ‘resource centre’ for machine builders and technology disruptors

Machinery builders and companies looking to bring new technologies to market are set to benefit from a new resource centre being launched by PP Control & Automation (PP C&A).

The UK’s leading strategic manufacturing outsourcing specialist has pooled all its expertise and knowledge into an easy-to-use online hub that will provide crucial insights into the benefits of outsourcing and how common ‘pain points’ can be overcome.

Free of charge to access, the content will be a mix of downloadable documents, podcasts and video that will address key strategic outsourcing questions through a combination of guides, customer case studies and ‘thought leadership’ pieces.

There will also be specific white papers on UL standards, production and engineering topics and industry analysis and trends – all information that will educate and inform companies looking to grow and develop new technologies.

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Richard Spears, Marketing Manager at PP C&A, commented: “We have always provided educational or informative resources as part of our approach, so there is a good back catalogue of content that we can direct people towards. A single area online was an obvious way to do that.

“The resource centre will turn the emphasis on to the audience – what if we give them access to build their own resource pack, based on exactly what they think will help them and what if we made that free, without an agenda, without a pay/subscription/sign-up wall?”

He continued: “There is a serious emphasis on building trust with the types of businesses we’re targeting, and we know that the vast majority won’t be ready to outsource right now but there’s a good chance they’ll enter the market when the time is right for them.

“So as a company, we want to build a positive picture of PP C&A and our capabilities early on and consistently, so we’re front of mind.”

PP Control & Automation, which employs 230 people at its world class factory in Cheslyn Hay, had a record sales year in 2021 of £28m with a future order pipeline suggesting further growth is on the horizon.

Members of the Manufacturing Assembly Network (MAN), the firm has recently widened its engineering and manufacturing capabilities to include a more comprehensive mechanical/pneumatic offer and a dedicated Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) area to support electronics integration.

The strategic manufacturing outsourcing specialist has seen demand for its services rise by 25% on the previous year and bosses at the firm believe this is due to a combination of reshoring and an increasing number of high technology businesses bringing new innovations to market.

The company’s new resource centre, which has only been live for two weeks, has already attracted 100 unique visitors and, with regular new content and releases planned, the ambition is for more than 1000 companies to tap into the expertise every year.

Richard concluded: “Since the pandemic, a new audience to PP Control & Automation has opened up – those with innovative technology that are finding outsourcing is the answer to getting their products to market faster.

“Our resource centre could be very valuable to them, and the schedule of new releases will have those types of businesses specifically in mind, alongside our traditional targets.”

Build your own resource pack

At the Resource Centre, you can build your own resource pack for free download.

Get copies of essential guides, informative videos, collected publications, and more for machine builders and OEMs considering an outsourcing partnership.

Your chosen resources will be stored in your basket, found as you hover over the right-hand column, and ready for download any time during your visit to the website, so feel free to keep browsing.

PP C&A launches ‘resource centre’ for machine builders and technology disruptors » PP pop up banner artwork » PP Control & Automation




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