Cable Harnesses

What are Cable Harnesses?

Cable harnesses provide the connectivity around any given machinery and application. Their design is critical and can dramatically influence a number of factors relating the to quality of your machine.

The reliability and performance of your machinery can be improved with the effective use of cable harnessing. Also, the manufacturing and assembly time of your product can be reduced dramatically with carefully planned and executed cable harnesses. This reduces the cost of the machine install & commissioning itself as your product becomes more cost effective due to the simplified wiring. Not only this, but plug and play style design can be better integrated with effective cable harnessing.

We combine our design capabilities with state of the art automation. Allowing us to design cable harnesses and cable looms that provide optimum performance for the customer:

  • Fully automated cable measurement, cut, strip & crimp systems that are 100% reliable
  • Automatic crimp force monitoring (CFM) – ensures 100% crimp reliability, making your machines the most durable and reduces the need for maintenance
  • Direct ink jet marking of cables allow for clearer identification, making maintenance of machines easier


Specialist Cables from PP Control & Automation

Cable harness designs include the use of single core and muticore cables, both of standard construction as well as the design of specialist cables.

Kombi cables / Umbilical cables

Our cables can be custom designed to suit your specific application, in line with your precise needs. Such cables can contain not only electrical conductors but also tubes for pneumatic applications. Benefits include improved install time, the ability to remove the need for cable carriers such as conduits and trunking and overall cost reduction.

Drag Chains

We produce a vast array of drag chain cable assemblies and have a wealth of experience in this field. Drag Chains are often used in a variety of applications, including machine tools, printing and food packaging. Such drag chain assemblies can include electrical cables (super flex construction), air tubes (pneumatics) and hydraulic hoses.


Quality Standards for Cable Harnesses

PP are authorised and approved to design and build electrical cable harnesses in full accordance to UL508A, for the US and North American markets.
NFPA79 is the electrical standard for industrial machinery in the USA. The NFPA79 is a standard published by the National Fire Protection Agency, the same agency that publishes the National Electrical code NFPA70.


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