Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA)

PP have approaching 50 years’ experience, working in a vast range of different industry sectors, as such we are well placed to offer ideas and advice on every aspect of DFMA – looking to optimise quality and cost for our customers.

The benefits of a product that has been designed in a manner that is conducive to build is of paramount importance, too many times companies allow a product design that engineers in un-necessary cost, creates a cumbersome supply chain and poor efficiency of build. Such companies then spend time and energy, post design, attempting to reduce costs – often it is too little, too late.

Early engagement in the design process with our customers is key, working with their engineering, production and purchasing teams – working collectively with a common goal that will deliver the optimum result.

The ability to further engage with our technical and engineering partners, promoting their capabilities, further enhances innovation that will deliver significant benefits.

Competent DFMA will deliver;

  • Reduced manufacturing costs
  • Agility in the supply chain
  • Reduced Manufacturing lead times
  • A more standard approach to design that offers modularity and expandability
  • Creates a more efficient build, install and commission
  • Improved product performance and reduced machine downtime

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