Considering Outsourcing?

The vast majority of World leading OEMs consider outsourcing to be an essential part of a manufacturing strategy that will ensure competiveness and sustainability in a fast changing and global market.

Identifying those processes that would benefit from outsourcing, in conjunction with the selection of a manufacturing partner in which you can fully trust, is a decision of great significance.

At PP, we have both the experience and practical knowledge to ensure such a transition runs smoothly and seamlessly.

Customer benefits are instantly measurable and deliver results of great magnitude – including:

  • Reduced supply chain management costs.
  • Reduction in stock and work in progress.
  • Improved cash flow.
  • Higher degrees of production agility.
  • Better use of internal resource – people and space.
  • Reduced manufacturing lead times that can result in increased revenue and profit.
  • Improved productivity and reduced manufacturing costs.
  • Managing overhead costs in line with the business needs.
  • Moving often difficult to manage and unpredictable variable costs to a guaranteed fixed cost of ownership.
  • Managing costs in cyclical and variable markets.
  • Minimising typical and costly strategies associated with managing increased demand,such as hiring of sub contract labour and additional overtime costs.
  • Cost control in declining market conditions.
  • Creating a manufacturing strategy that manages risk.

Download the Outsourcing Brochure

At PP – we can offer our customers a tailored solution, based around their own individual needs, that delivers far greater value than a simple product based offering could ever realise.


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