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Machine Building for a smarter future – The Tour (Phoenix Contact)

PP Control & Automation has been selected to present its strategic outsourcing capabilities at Phoenix Contact’s exciting new workshops aimed at demonstrating how machine builders can create and maintain their competitive edge.

The Tour will be a tailor-made workshop at your premises (or at Phoenix Contact) for all of your team on subjects of your choice, and at a time and date convenient for you.

Before these bespoke workshops begin, Phoenix Contact is inviting those interested to the Williams F1 facility in Abingdon for a showcase event. Subjects covered on September 12th will include:

  • Robust communication locally & worldwide (Future IoT) with Smart Networks
  • Consistent rail configuration & marking with #MarkingTheNation
  • Interfacing (Controller to the field) with Best Switching
  • Strategic Outsourcing with PP Control & Automation

WHEN: 12th September 2019

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WHERE: Williams F1

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ATTEND: Free tickets

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The showcase will offer you the opportunity to sample all of the topics and solutions that Phoenix Contact provide. You can then choose the topics for your very own workshop, made relevant to your business needs.


Smart Networks

Switches, access points and security routers for cyber security to build powerful Ethernet networks. Phoenix Contact will show how it can help machine builders to improve the reliability and cycle times of machines with robust communication technology.


Consistent configuration and marking with Project Complete supports the entire control cabinet manufacturing process, taking data from CAE programs. Try out some easy to use marking systems – from the hand held Thermofox to the new Bluemark ID Colour printer. There is nothing in a control cabinet or machine Phoenix Contact can’t mark!

Best Switching

Discover a wide range of switching devices by Phoenix Contact, from relay systems to hybrid motor starters. These products offer the machine builder excellent time savings, easy handling, space savings and high system availability.

Strategic Outsourcing

Discover how PP Control & Automation can help machine builders to optimise their machine production, unlock growth potential, reduce lead times, increase efficiency and reduce costs so that resources can be concentrated on what’s really important and what is core competency within that business.

An increasing number of OEMs choose strategic outsourcing as part of their overall production and supply chain strategy. This allows them to delegate non-core activities to organisations that specialise in those activities, giving them time to focus on their core competencies such as; product innovation, research and development, sales and marketing.

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To book a place at Phoenix Contact’s Tour Showcase, visit this page and apply using the button at the bottom of the page.


What do you outsource?

Are you currently outsourcing to a variety of suppliers, potentially missing out on the operational and commercial benefits achieved by outsourcing to one strategic partner?

Use the form below to tell PP C&A what that procedure looks like. Using this information, the strategic and engineering experts at PP C&A will be able to tell you where efficiencies can be made, costs managed better and how your growth potential will be unlocked.

PP C&A strategic outsourcing solutions are the fastest way to profitability.


Strategic outsourcing

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