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The huge benefits of a Strategic Outsourcing Partnership – Ishida Europe and PP Control & Automation

The third and final instalment in our strategic outsourcing series gives an insight into the tangible, real world (and potentially massive) benefits of strategic partnerships.


Ishida Europe is a global business primarily in the weighing and packaging industry. As one of its premier partners, PP Control & Automation are essential to their continued growth. Thanks to a collaboration with Ishida, we can provide an insight into the successful partnership.

Maximising Output

The Ishida production model relies on partners like PP, because the company understands the added value to be gained from strategic outsourcing. The relationship began with the sourcing of simple PP harness units, but has led to complete mechanical assemblies and machine body integration. PP’s growing role is in accordance with the increased capacity on Ishida’s part, who – thanks to the added manufacturing power – can widen their range of products and maximise their output, growing profit margins year on year.


Unlimited Growth

Ishida Europe now considers its room for growth virtually unrestricted. By relying on premier partners like PP to handle (and optimise) machine assembly, they are no longer constrained by the physical size of their factory. More than that, they have room to expand into new areas thanks to the added areas of expertise and innovation that a company like PP Control & Automation provides.


Production Agility

Ishida’s focus is in maintaining the ability to respond to customer’s needs. Allied with a flexible outsourcing partner like PP Control & Automation, Ishida can respond to an order intake level that fluctuates from one month to another. Maximising output or reducing costs when necessary.

Our partnership with Ishida is just one of a number of long term successful relationships we’ve been able to build. PP consistently provide our partners with tangible business benefits as well as technical innovation that deliver results.

Maximise your company’s growth potential and remove associated barriers by getting in touch with PP Control & Automation. We can arrange a no obligation meeting and discuss your individual needs.




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