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Electronics Integration & “Box Builds” – The Engineering & Production Capabilities video series continues

Here at PP Control & Automation, we combine our extensive engineering and production capabilities in order to design an outsourcing solution that delivers the desired result. This latest video concentrates on our Engineering and Production Capability in Electronics Integration & “Box Builds” – One of 6 core capabilities which make up our total Control & Automation solution.

We will be releasing more in this new video series in the coming weeks, including an insight into capabilities such as, Pneumatics & hydraulics, Vacuum chambers and gas management systems, Mechanical assembly and Cabling & Interconnectivity Solutions. If you haven’t already, watch the first video in the series on Electrical Control Systems.

Electronics Integration & “Box Builds” – Watch now!

Electronics Integration & “Box Builds” – Total Control & Automation

We provide a full outsourcing solution, from smaller box builds to large floor standing suites and our electronics integration capability is part of a full production engineering service that ensures repeatable quality and performance.

Our complete contract manufacture solution allows for a more modular and configurable approach to box builds and design. “Build to print” and DFM (Design for Manufacture) capabilities are intended to optimise machine performance and overall cost to the customer, by allowing potential issues to be fixed during the least expensive place to address them – the design phase.

Furthermore, expert supply chain management by PP means that engagement in the design process at an early stage is a certainty – working with our partners’ engineering, production and purchasing teams to deliver the optimum result. It’s this kind of early engagement and supply chain management that benefits our customers, reducing their total acquisition costs and streamlining their production.

Every customer requires a specific outsource solution that is unique to their needs. We will never assume that what has worked for one client will work for another. We will work with you and your team, considering all factors that can impact the program.

With our help, alongside our trusted technical partners, you can boost your production without increasing overheads, saving you money on your bottom line.


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